Rain Plus products are designed to release the dynamic potential of soil, setting in motion the natural process of building biomass and putting life back into the soil for future crops. Utilizing Rain Plus programs you will reduce soil stressed by high salts, alkaline spots, compacted soil and standing water. Rain Plus Calcine will increase the soils infiltration and water holding capacity.

Rain Plus Calcine water and soil treatments will help the farmer reduce trips through the field by creating natural soil weed inhibitors. As well, applying Rain Plus Calcine with your fall cover crop will improve water infiltration during spring thaw, resulting in less run off.

Previous farming practices have reduced soil’s overall organic matter making it harder to increase crop yield in both GMO and non-GMO crops. Using forgotten farming practices our grandparents learned from their parents, and combining those fundamentals with new technologies, is how we will not only maintain yields but increase the yields needed to feed the growing world population. Rain Plus Calcine is part of the solution, the rest is up to you.