A Catalyst for Improved Soil Structure & Earthworm Establishment

Calcine®-treated irrigation water mobilizes salt out of the root zone and improves soil structure. In field trials, these improvements were evident by establishment of earthworms in previously inhospitable soil. In the lab, earthworms also showed strong preference for soils with Calcine-treated water. Earthworms further magnify the beneficial effects of Calcine by improving soil structure and nutrient cycling.

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Calcine-Treated Soils Hold More Water

A laboratory study showed that water treated with Calcine® generated soil samples that retained 40 percent more water than soil irrigated with water alone. The same study showed that Calcine-treated water removed up to 45 percent more salts than untreated water.

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Managing Salty Soils with Calcine®

Application of Calcine to alfalfa in Arizona trials also generated large increases in important forage components. These include higher crude protein, fat and calcium. Analysis also showed a reduction of forage sodium and chloride content, and higher total digestible nutrients. This illustrates Calcine’s ability to move salt out of the root zone, making other important nutrients more available for plant uptake. When combined with the soil and water use enhancements seen with Calcine application, this finding suggests that Calcine will improve both forage quality, yield and bottom-line production costs.

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